Chalet du Soldat (from Jaun), Fribourg, Switzerland

27 December 2013

After a big dump of snow over christmas, a nice day again, so I went out to enjoy the fresh powder on my snowshoes.

Starting from Jaun, with its nice waterfall, I headed up towards the Chalet du Soldat.

The village of Jaun still in the morning shade.

By making a little detour, I had the pleasure of walking through knee-deep powder, breaking trail for at least half an hour. A look back at the fresh tracks I left behind.

After more climbing, I arrived at the chalet, with nice views of the Gastlosen towering just above it.

And a view to the other side.

A nice christmas-postcard view on the way down.

Almost back at Jaun again, a pretty creek with snow covered trees.

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk