Anzeindaz, Vaud, Switzerland

12 December 2013

My friend Aga picked me up, and together we drove to Cergnement (near Gryon) to go snowshoeing on whatever snow was still left.

The first part of the hike doesn't get any direct sunlight during winter, and there were some beautiful frozen "sculptures" along the way.

The second part brought more sunlight. A view back down the valley.

And then up to Anzeindaz. A few views around this area...

After a lunch break at Anzeindaz, back down again. The late afternoon sun on the mountains, just above Solalex.

On the drive back home, we could see a thick cloud of fog hanging over the valley, with the last bit of daylight behind the mountains on the other side.

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk