Le Grammont, Valais, Switzerland

10 December 2013

Snow came early this year, but then it got warmer again and most of it disappeared. This was supposed to be a snowshoe trip together with my hiking friend Stephan, but we ended up carrying our snowshoes on our pack the entire day, never using them. But the hike up to the top of Le Grammont (2170m) was nice anyway, as always (been there many times already, any time of year).

The first part up is a bit boring, but it starts to get nice once you arrive at Lac de Taney, which was mostly frozen over, and which doesn't get a lot of sunlight this time of year.

Continuing up, eventually we got back in the sunlight again. A view back down from about halfway up...

...and further up towards "Les Jumelles" (the twins).

And finally to the top of Le Grammont, with wonderful views all around. Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), with still some clouds and fog hanging over it...

...across the valley towards Les Diablerets...

...and the Dents du Midi (left of center) and Mont Blanc (right of center).

And of course a 180-degree panorama. Wonderful day, wonderful views, wonderful weather.

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk