Fieldwork part 2, Alpes Vaudoises, Switzerland

August 2013

Continuing with the field work (see Fieldwork part 1)...

A tricky site to find, but the reward was a nice view from above Chateau d'Oex.

No actual sampling today, but a "reconnaissance" hike to check out the snow conditions at higher elevations. A view of the Petit Muveran (right) and Grand Muveran (middle), with the Diablerets in the background (left).

Dent de Morcles with still some snow below it.

A view of the Dents du Midi on the other side of the Rhone valley.

A long day out in the field, but again with wonderful views. Here's the Mont Blanc in the distance.

One of my sampling sites is somewhere down there...

The view further down from the sampling site.

At the end of the day, almost back to the car, with the Dent de Morcles shining in a ray of sunlight. I had come down all the way from the col just to the left of the peak.

Another beautiful day at the Diablerets. The view across the glacier to the southern alps. See if you can spot the Matterhorn...

A look down on part of the glacier

And a look up to the top of Oldenhorn.

Two days out in the field, with an overnight stay at the Cabane Rambert. On the way up.

The next morning at sunrise, the view from the cabane was absolutely stunning. Here's an 180-degree panorama (you'll have to scroll to see the whole thing)...

The hut was surrounded by little bouquetins (alpine ibex, or capricorn) that morning.

Our goal was the top of the Grand Muveran at 3051m altitude, along an alpine route. Not an easy path, but we made it up, with all the field gear. Here's a view from the top, with the Grand Combin at center stage.

Also a nice view of the Mont Blanc from here.

A view back up to the top of the Grand Muveran, on our way down again.

Back to fieldwork after a two-day break, with another beautiful day up at the Diablerets. We took some samples at "Le Dome", with a great view of the Diablerets glacier and summit.

A look across the bottom of the Tsanfleuron glacier.

A day without samping because of rain. But with a beautiful contrast between the sunlight on the trees just in front of the chalet and the dark clouds over the mountains in the distance...

My last day out in the field, with another long hike, this time up Dent Favre (2916m). A view of the Grand Muveran to one side (we were on top of it just a few days earlier).

And a view of Dent de Morcles and the Dents du Midi to the other side.

And the obligatory 180-degree panorama, with (again) the Mont Blanc (right) and Grand Combin (center).

It's been a wonderful summer, assisting with the fieldwork. Thanks to Eric for inviting me to help out. Here he is, coming down the mountain.

A last nice view on the way down, before heading back to "normal life" again...

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk