Geltenhütte, Bern, Switzerland

16 August 2013

A break from fieldwork, but not from the mountains. Did a wonderful little hike I had been wanting to do for a long time. From the Lauenensee up to the Geltenhütte and the Rottal. Wonderful day...

Less than half an hour from the parking lot, the first stunning view.

Then a steep climb up to the hut. Nice views from just above the hut.

And then the Rottal. Amazing. In this 180-degree panorama it looks straight, but imagine this curving around you in a half circle. Was all alone up here. Just wonderful.

A different trail back down, but also with great views of rugged peaks...

...and pretty side valleys.

Will be happy to come back here some day...

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk