Paper abstract

The Usefulness of Recombination

Wim Hordijk and Bernard Manderick

In F. Moran, A. Moreno, J.J. Merelo, and P. Chacon (eds.), Advances in Artificial Life: Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Artificial Life, 908-919, 1995.

In this paper we examine the usefulness of recombination from two points of view. First, the problem of crossover disruption is investigated. This is done by comparing two Genetic Algorithms with different crossover operators (one-point and uniform) to each other on NK-landscapes with different values of K relative to N, and with different epistatic interactions (random and nearest neighbor). Second, the usefulness of recombination in relation to the location of local optima in the fitness landscape is investigated.

There appears to be a clear relation between the type of fitness landscape and the type of recombination that is most useful on this landscape. Furthermore, there also is a clear relation between the location of local optima in the fitness landscape and the usefulness of recombination.