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As a wandering scientist I have been all around the world, and on this website you can read a bit about my global endeavors and adventures. Below is a quick overview of what is contained in these pages. More detailed information is available by clicking on the menu buttons on the left.

A computer scientist by training, I have worked on a wide variety of research projects. Most of my work is somehow related to evolution, but primarily from a computational point of view. I also like to use my computational skills for small consultancy projects in business or R&D. Always looking out for new and exciting projects...

I try to balance my professional life with my other big passions: travel and the outdoors. I usually spend a large part of my free time going on hiking trips, and in between jobs I regularly take several months to just travel and hike around somewhere.

I have worked, lived, and traveled in all continents except Antarctica (still hope to make it out there too, some day). I got used, and perhaps even addicted, to living out of a backpack, and I hope to continue my global explorations in the future!

There are no securities in life, only opportunities...

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